hallu! so i scoured your answered asks and tried to figure it out myself but don't seem to be able to. the images aren't resizing to fit in the constraints of the border even though it looks like you've added some max-width code. do you know how i can fix it? thank you!

ahh yeah! it’s not really all that hard, actually??

what you want to do is find the photo post section of the code (you can just do a search for block:photo and it should pull up) and then scroll down tooo this part

<img src="%7BPhotoURL-500%7D" alt="{PhotoAlt}" id="media" style="max-width:400px;"/>

with the max-width part, you want to set the 400 to however wide you set the posts, which looks to be somewhere around 225px wide? honestly i’d just bump it up to 250 so that you can fix the video codes and all as well. (you should also be able to make it say max-width:100% and have it work the same way, but it’s your choice?? yeah)

then once you’ve done that, you should be pretty much done?? \o/

if you do make about 250px instead of the amount you’ve got, then you’re going to want to go through and also change a couple other things-





<img src="%7BAlbumArtURL%7D" alt="{block:Artist}{Artist}{/block:Artist}{block:TrackName} - {TrackName}{/block:TrackName}" style="margin-bottom:10px;max-width:400px;"/>


<img src="%7BAlbumArtURL%7D" alt="{block:Artist}{Artist}{/block:Artist}{block:TrackName} - {TrackName}{/block:TrackName}" style="margin-bottom:10px;max-width:250px;"/>





and that should be pretty much it!! ahh i hope that helps„





this blog is on indefinite hiatus



theme: mankind has declined - ryouko theme #02 (second theme) redux edit

warning for autoplay

this is basically my first theme but transparent and idk it has some more options i was bored

live preview/code

options/other stuff under the cut. PLEASE READ IF YOU WANT TO USE BECAUSE IT HAS TIPS AND SUCH and rules you need to follow for inserting things because it’s stupid

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Lunar Redux by Tukut

Preview / (code under the cut!)

I decided to make a new theme. This one is incredibly customizeable and has tons of features!


  1. 250px / 300px / 350px / 400px / 450px / 500px sized posts
  2. dark / light posts + changeable opacity
  3. reblog and like buttons
  4. 7 glow options
  5. custom audio posts + questions
  6. music box (optional)
  7. infinite scroll (optional)
  8. title box when hovering on links (tooltip) - customizeable (change what it says on permalink, like, reblog, and sidebar image on hover)

code, full list of features, questions, and recourses below!

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big nature landscape backgrounds masterpost (gr8 on transparent themes and what not)

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a, ,a,,a,,,, ,c ould you please make a zip file of all the background you haVe!!,, i m really sorry to bother you umu

i will as soon as i have my laptop back!! the keyboard is currently being fixed, so i should be able to soon! i have all of my files off of it anyway, and i would go ahead and make the .zip now, but this computer is kind of slow at processing files that’re on external hard drives, which sucks. but hopefully i should have my laptop back and fixed and everything by the end of this week?? hopefully. ggggg


Tools roundup


YES IVE REVAMPED MY TRANSPARENT REDUX AGAIN it has a lot more features and lots of stuff is made more efficient! hooray

preview // code


  • infinite scroll or not
  • fixed link colors + hover
  • minimal footers
  • shadow/not
  • show/hide sidebar pic, captions, tags, navigation
  • button navigation/ (FIXED + IMPROVED)) buttons navigation
  • rounded edges or not
  • bg cover or not
  • buttons and footers do a slidey thing on hover
  • borders sidebar/post/footer or not
  • (fixed) set sidebar / post opacity
  • FIXED NEXT PAGE BUTTONS!! (no longer just the words, boxed in and more clear)) (unless u set the posts transparent and remove borders)
  • sidebar / post / footer transparency
  • color background, border, text, footer text, link, link hover, questions
  • (fixed) custom pixely font or not
  • 4 custom links + ask, home  for link buttons
  • 7 custom links + ask and nav button
  • customize what the button says for open/close 
  • customizeable favicon
  • updated margins

my ask is always open if you have any questions and heres some nice backgrounds to use! 

so!!  today i’m planning to spruce up one or two themes, although i don’t know that i’ll actually be releasing either of them just yet, seeing as i’ve still got to go through and clean up the codes for both of them, which is a pain in the ass, holy shit.  fun fact- i actually have over a half-dozen themes planned to release, almost all of which are partially coded already.  i just haven’t had the motivation to get them done.  the one i’m planning to release first is called the slick theme, and it was actually the layout for my personal blog for a while.  anyway, yeah.  i want to get that one done.  jesus fuck.